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Vision Quiz

COVD Quality of Life Checklist

To take the vision quiz, check the column which best represents the occurrence of each symptom.








A Blur when looking at near
A Headaches with near work
A Sees worse at end of the day
A Difficulty copying from the Chalkboard
A Avoids near work/reading
A Holds head too close to the page
B Has double vision
B Words run together while reading
B Eyes burn, itch, or seem watery
B Falls asleep while reading
B Closes one eye or tilts head while reading
OR Dizzy or nauseous with near work
OR Writes up or down hill
OR Poor/inconsistent in sports
OR Avoids sports/games
OR Poor hand-eye coordination/poor handwriting
OR Clumsy/knocks things over
OR Car/motion sickness
OM Skips or repeats lines when reading
OM Misaligns digits/columns of numbers
P Reading comprehension is poor
P Trouble keeping attention on reading
P Says “I can’t” before trying
P Does not use his/her time well
P Does not make change well with money
P Loses belongings/things
P Forgetful/poor memory
ALL Difficulty completing assignments on time
ALL Does not judge distance accurately

Your Final Score:

Score >20 — There is a high risk of having a vision problem that makes it difficult to read, to learn, to comprehend and even to pay attention. Further evaluation with a Comprehensive Vision Examination is recommended.

Learn how to detect possible visual problems in a child or adult with vision quizzes and checklists on this page.

Take the Quick Quiz
Answer the questions, then click on "Show Me the Answers" below to see how much you really know about your vision.

  • If I have 20/20 vision, I can't have a vision problem.
    True or False?
  • Vision is learned.
    True or False?
  • All children are ready to read at the age of six.
    True or False?
  • Eyesight is hereditary. You can't do anything about it.
    True or False?
  • Visual problems can affect a person's self-esteem and hinder success.
    True or False?
  • Surgery is the only way to correct strabismus (a turned eye).
    True or False?
  • Amblyopia (lazy eye) cannot be corrected after the person reaches the age of seven.
    True or False?

Do the Checklist

If you check off several items, a comprehensive eye exam is recommended.

Do you observe the following behavior(s) in yourself or your child?

    1. One eye turns, drifts or aims in a different direction than the other eye? Crossed eye? Wandering eye?
      (Look carefully -- this can be subtle. This is significant even if it only happens occasionally, such as when the person is tired, stressed or ill).
    2. Frequent squinting or closing of one eye?
    3. Excessive blinking or squinting?
    4. Poor visual/motor skills (including "hand-eye coordination")?
    5. Problems moving in space, frequently bumps into things or drops things?
    6. Difficulties catching and/or throwing airborne objects?
    7. Repeatedly confuses left and right directions?
    8. Appears to favor the use of one eye?
    9. Turns or tilts head in order to use one eye?
    10. Posture problems? Head is frequently tilted to one side or one shoulder is obviously higher?

While reading or doing close work, do you notice any of the following in yourself or your child?

    1. Becomes quickly fatigued?
    2. Has posture problems?
    3. Rubs eyes frequently?
    4. Squints or blinks excessively?
    5. Frequently loses one's place when reading or copying from the board or paper?
    6. Frequently skips words and/or has to re-read?
    7. Repeatedly omits small words?
    8. Vision becomes blurry?
    9. Uses finger to read?
    10. Holds the book or object unusually close?
    11. Closes one eye or covers eye with hand?
    12. Twists or tilts head toward book or papers?
    13. Moves head back and forth (instead of moving eyes)?
    14. Struggles with handwriting?

Do you or your child frequently complain of:

    1. Only able to read for short periods of time?
    2. Burning or itching eyes?
    3. Headaches in forehead or temples?
    4. Nausea or dizziness?
    5. Motion sickness?
    6. Double vision?

If you checked off several items on the Checklist above, you should consider a comprehensive vision examination.

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